Friday, February 21, 2014

Kickstarter Mission Statement

Our fund-raising Kickstarter goal is $15,000 to cover the costs of editing, design, printing/publishing and rewards. If we receive more pledges this is how the money will be spent.
If an additional $10,000 is raised we will distribute copies of the book to 500 opinion makers, including rabbis, priests, pastors, professors, book reviewers, editors, and anyone whom our backers nominate.
If  and additional $10,000 raised (total of $35,000) we hope to publish a companion book, Jews Who Influenced a Goyim: Evangelizing through Example.        
If additional $12,000 raised (total of $47,000) we'd like to complete the founding of a non-profit Time to Survive Educational Foundation. 
Any sums over $47,000 will be spent on the work of the Foundation to promote a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and apply lessons learned from the Jewish survival experience to the survival of the planet.

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