Monday, March 24, 2014

"Bad Putin" Day

I'm having a "Bad Putin" day, folks. He's messing with my life again, and I don't like it. As a youngster in the high mountains of Colorado what endangered my life were rattlesnakes and ticks. The bite of either could be deadly.
Growing up on the flat plains of Colorado what endangered my life were gopher holes (Step in one and you could break an ankle) and snow up to your arse (nuff said).
Then foreign influences began to endanger my life. Hitler, Stalin. Those megalomaniac tyrants literally made me rearrange the furniture of my life--with the draft and all. Now Putin.
He makes me appreciate what the American flag stands for all the more. We live in a great country at a great time, and while there are troubles galore beyond Putin, we're in the process of building a Society of Dignity.
Take a deep breath and smell the roses.
80 and Too Busy to Die.

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